Cream Town is hosting a fundraiser to raise money to go toward our beautiful friend’s devastatingly essential hysterectomy.

100% of proceeds from any prints you buy from Angus Scott or Isaebella Doherty will go toward Kim’s Go Fund Me to help her pay for her surgery & the excess costs associated.

Kim has suffered from Endometriosis for the past 14 years, with a recent diagnosis of Adenomyosis. She has been informed the only way to get her life back, from this chronic disease she has been forced to endure for almost half her life, is to undergo a hysterectomy. This procedure, and its associated costs, will alone require $15,000 with Kim’s inability to return to work until she recovers increasing the financial burden immensely.

We are hosting this fundraiser in the hope we can use our art to release some of that burden, so our friend can undergo this immensely traumatic surgery and recovery with at least some reduced personal stress for having her day-to-day expenses & procedure cost covered.